The Latest Craze: CBD Capsules

The Latest Craze CBD Capsules

CBD is a controversial ingredient, not just because the government has been trying to regulate it and classify CBD capsules as a drug, but because of the lack of understanding about this amazing compound.

Some people criticize CBD for making people high, and that’s definitely not true. It’s a fact that CBD can help alleviate inflammation on the body and pain. With all these potential benefits, there is no doubt why more and more people are buying CBD capsules across America.

But which brands are actually worth your time? Well you don’t want too much caffeine or sugar in your capsule, as those ingredients can cause side effects like dizziness or nausea when taken with CBD. CBD is always better to be taken on its own, with no additives.

Also, because CBD capsules are now so popular and the pharmaceutical industry has begun to take notice of this, you can find many brands selling CBD capsules now. This is great, and we love the fact that there’s more information on what these ingredients do and how they work. However, there is less information about how safe these additives are for human consumption.

Bluebird Botanicals

The best CBD capsules you can buy in the US are from Bluebird Botanicals. For one, their manufacturing facility and products are made in the USA, making them kosher for Passover. Their CBD capsules feature hemp oil extracted from industrial hemp grown in Colorado by a family-owned company and certified organic. The company also uses CO2 extraction methods to ensure sterility of their products and guarantee no toxins or heavy metals are added to these CBD capsules you’re about to see below.

Peak CBD

Peak’s CBD capsules are made from a potent, full-spectrum hemp extract made by a family-owned company in Colorado. Their products also contain added ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory capabilities such as curcumin and astragalus root, as well as glycerin. Peak offers many different varieties of their products for everyone with different needs. If you have any sort of digestive issues, these capsules can help. If you’re looking for strength, these capsules can help you achieve that too. Peak also has some child-friendly formulas available for those little ones who may be taking medication or even being treated at the pediatrician’s office.

Crafty CBD

Crafty’s CBD capsules are made from hemp oil, which is extracted from industrial hemp. This CBD is a full spectrum extract which means it contains all the phytocannabinoids, constituents, as well as terpenes of the hemp plant. Crafty also makes its own organic products in their facility and uses CO2 extraction to ensure no toxins or heavy metals are found in their products. The company also offers free shipping to ensure your order gets to you quickly and safely. With free shipping and quick delivery, you’ll never worry about whether or not your CBD has arrived at your door before you can pick it up.