Spin Bike vs. Exercise Bike: Which Equipment Do You Need?

Spin Bike vs. Exercise Bike

Do you want a bike at home? This is definitely one of the best cardio equipment that you must-have for your home gym. If this is the case, know that you have two choices – a spin bike and an exercise bike. There isn’t much difference between them but how they work is very different. It all comes down to the parts of these machines that make these bikes different from others.


On an exercise bike, it is much easier to fine-tune your workout due to your needs and preference since you are in a sitting position. For the spin bike on the other hand, even if you’re standing on the pedals, you should still be able to move around easily.


Spin bikes are designed to look and feel like road racing bikes. The grips are sloped which means you have to lean forward more than when you are on an exercise bike. The seat height and angle of the handlebars on the spin bike can be adjusted too.

Exercise Bike


Spin bikes have a flywheel and that’s what makes them unique. Spin bikes have a stronger flywheel and pedals that stay in place. Even if you stop pedaling, the flywheel will keep turning the pedals because of its momentum. Remember that the heavier the flywheel, the more work you will have to do.


The flywheels on spin bikes are more solid. This means that you will be working more on your joints compared to when you are pedaling a regular exercise bike. This keeps your training more challenging. Those who want to get more from their workout should start using spin bikes. Because of its flywheel, it is the most recommended for HIIT, weight loss, and even for all-around exercise.


The spin bikes will have clips for your shoes giving you the best grip possible when pedaling. On a regular exercise bike, there are no shoe clips which means that you are more unstable. Your foot may slip off of pedals which is a health hazard for you. This usually causes injuries. Also, without the clip, you won’t be able to pedal as hard or as fast as you would on spin bikes. But of course, speed is not what spin bikes are made for.

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