Nursing aide in Singapore job – How is it to work in the Healthcare sector?

Nursing aide

Singapore’s healthcare sector is one of the largest and most efficient globally. The recognition by various prestigious magazines and organizations has proved it all. So, it is natural that working in healthcare is something honorable for many people in the country. Apart from being a doctor, being a nurse or a nurse’s assistant is rewarding. They are important for the well-being of the patients helping patients to heal. So, here is everything one needs to know about nursing aide in singapore job.

What is a nursing aide in a Singapore job? 

It means working under an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and directly contacting the patients. The main tasks include providing support for basic everyday tasks like bathing, feeding, dressing, etc., patients. Further, they need to check the patient’s medical condition and report anything alarming. So, having basic knowledge of the pieces of equipment and health needs. These professionals should also know how to take the vitals, inject medicines, change IV fluid, urine and food pipes, etc. To address emergencies, they should also know how to drive.

Nursing Assistant

How to get a nursing aide in a Singapore job? 

One good thing about this profession is that a tertiary-level education is not mandatory. To become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant or nursing aid, one needs to complete a training program designed by CNA to earn a certificate or diploma. The lessons include Anatomy, pharmacology, medical terminology, etc. that the trainees will need while working in the healthcare industry.

This training program is available in community colleges or vocational and tech schools. Singapore has a centralized National Nursing Board that regulates the related rules for this training. This is different from countries like The US, where each state has different rules. So, having centralized norms makes it easier for the students.

The tasks 

The tasks of a nursing aide in singapore jobare vast and varied, making it necessary for the professionals to have physical resilience. Here are some of the responsibilities.

  1. Adjust positions of the beds
  2. Help with the daily activities
  3. Ensuring an appropriate diet for the patients
  4. Record vitals and other health information
  5. Administrate therapy schedules, etc.

Nursing aid is a good profession and is an essential element of the healthcare sector. However, one should be willing to help the patients and have a caring heart to succeed.