How and why to do online medical consultations

How and why to do online medical consultations

The sudden need to face the Covid-19 epidemic has given great impetus, to the clinical assistance practices of “digital medicine”, first of all online medical consultations by Medical Cannabis Doctors. In doing so, the foundations have been laid for the construction of a predictive, participatory and more personalized care system than ever.

Our health system, despite not being one of the most advanced in digital matters, quickly responded to the growing demand for remote medical visits and medical guidance, recording a significant reduction in access to the emergency room, medical offices and a general relief on the activities of health workers.

All this has confirmed that the possibility of assisting patients remotely with online medical consultations is an emerging application area and above all valid from a clinical point of view. Just think of the number of frail, elderly and chronic people who could be managed daily by the general practitioner remotely, such as, for example, Covid patients .

Or again, all those people who need direct and rapid relationships with medical specialists, those who cannot move from home or live abroad, those traveling who are sick or those who only need a second opinion.

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Telemedicine and online medical advice

Telemedicine represents that set of medical and IT techniques that allow the treatment of a patient at a distance , through innovative assistance services.

These are new interactive clinical processes and paths that use digital devices and virtual communication systems to provide online medical consultations of all kinds.

In practice, doing medical advice online means carrying out medical visits remotely, providing opinions, making prevention and therapies , with the advantage of greatly simplifying communication between doctor and patient and speeding up the diagnosis and treatment process in full compliance with data security. transmitted.

Digital tools available to doctors, such as online counseling services, help to:

interact with the patient through consultation via chat or video visits in real time ;

exchange health records and share patient information with a doctor elsewhere;

remotely monitor certain patient health parameters through mobile devices (blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen meters).

Why do online medical advice

There are numerous advantages that doctors can obtain by taking advantage of the online counseling services offered by telemedicine:

Guarantees a diagnostic and therapeutic path to the patient without having to physically meet him but based on the story of the clinical history and viewing the exams already carried out online;

Reduces physical travel and guarantees assistance even if you are away from home;

Optimizes the work of the doctor who, through chats and televisions, will be able to dedicate more time to patients, without having to manage paperwork and crowded offices;

It decongests the influx to medical offices and the request for assistance in already crowded structures such as emergency rooms.