Hemp Vs Marijuana – How Are Hemp And Marijuana Different?

Hemp Vs Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are two terms that are frequently misunderstood. These terms are used interchangeably by everyone as they refer to the same type of cannabis. But, this is not true. Hemp and marijuana are two separate species of plant, despite what people think. When it comes to Hemp vs marijuana, things can get a bit complicated, and details are frequently misrepresented. We hope to clear up any misunderstandings by explaining hemp and marijuana so that you can make an informed decision.

Hemp Vs Marijuana – Know More About Hemp And Marijuana


Hemp is a dioecious plant which can divide into male and female plants. The plant’s stems provide fiber, the seeds provide protein, the leaves and the smokable blossoms give oils. Hemp fibers can manufacture paper, clothing, textiles, rope, and even construction materials.

Marijuana is a Cannabis sativa L. variety or a related species known as Cannabis indica. Typically, these plants are grown for their flowers. It has a high percentage of THC and a low-to-moderate concentration of CBD. Marijuana is a plant that gives you a high while also providing various medical benefits.

marijuana and hemp

Hemp Vs Marijuana – A Comparison Between Hemp And Marijuana

Before we go over Hemp vs marijuana, it’s crucial to understand that they are from the Cannabis plant. This is one of the main similarities that lead to confusion. Here are a few differences between both of them.

  • Appearance: Marijuana has a distinct appearance from hemp. When you look at marijuana leaves, you’ll see that they’re either wide, a tight bud, or a nugget with microscopic hairs or crystals. Hemp has thinner leaves with a higher concentration of them near the top. There are few branches or leaves below the top half of the plant.
  • Composition: The fundamental distinction between the two is their chemical structure, particularly in terms of tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the molecule that gives marijuana its addictive properties. Hemp also contains a lot of cannabidiol, which has a lot of benefits.
  • Environment: The growing environments for hemp and marijuana are often different. Hemp is generally grown in enormous multi-acre plots close together. It can thrive in many climates and has a 108-120 day growth cycle. Marijuana, unlike hemp, requires a highly managed, warm, and humid environment to grow. It has a short growth cycle of 60-90 days. Hemp and marijuana cannot exist side by side. If marijuana grows in or near a hemp field, the hemp pollen will destroy the marijuana crop, diluting the psychoactivity of marijuana.