Covid-19 Our New Normal Full Of Uncertainty

Covid-19 Our New Normal Full Of Uncertainty

It is said that you long for things that you no longer have; remember going to someone’s birthday party and eating the cake after they blew off the candles on it? Those were good times.

Covid-19 is one of the highly infectious/contagious diseases spread by a virus named Corona Virus. If the virus infects someone, they are most likely to experience mild respiratory illness and will not require any special treatment. Here the thing to be noted is that if the virus causes such a moderate discomfort, why was it declared as a pandemic in the first place? This is fatal for people having any underlying medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases or cancer, etc. This virus produces its modified variant quickly and spreads even quicker.

Preventive measures to take

So, preventive measures to be taken to avoid getting infected by the virus includes,

  1. Wearing a medically recommend mask in public places,
  2. Avoid getting near to groups of people in public,
  3. Go out only when it is necessary
  4. Keep yourself updated with guidelines to protect yourself from COVID
  5. Wash or sanitize your hand with alcohol-based sanitizer frequently, especially after coming back from outside
  6. Don’t touch your face

The virus is primarily spread through droplets or discharge from saliva or nose discharge respectively, so following respiratory etiquette is important, like coughing and sneezing with a flexed elbow.

What changes has this virus brought to the day-to-day life of people

Healthcare– healthcare system is most badly affected in facing the challenges of diagnosis of the disease while keeping yourself safe, treatment of the people with positive rest reports. The negligence healthcare workers had to give to other critical options because of this highly infectious virus. Unavailability of COVID essentials like oxygen cylinders, medications, and injectables due to high demand overloads hospital staff and doctors.

Economic-the economy of almost every country has been affected negatively due to quarantine. The slow production due to lack of working people, disturbance in the supply of products and thus increase in the product costs. Decrease in cash flow, loss of jobs and business, especially small business, and start-ups, looking international and national businesses. Slow revenue growth.

Social – lack of service providers, sports postponement, prohibition in international and national traveling, strict laws against celebrations of any kind to avoid gathering, increasing in stress, social distancing, no outdoor recreational activity, examination postponement.

COVID-19 has directly or indirectly affected everyone in some way or the other. To avoid getting infected and get back to your normal lives, just follow every rule and regulation guideline released by the government and hope for the best.