Bishan Dental Clinic- Procedure And Its Benefits

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Root Canal Treatment is the procedure which is used to treat infection and damage that has happened to a tooth. The name itself is enough to cause pain jitters in the person, it is considered to be a painful but is instead a pain reliving treatment. In this procedure, the tissue and nerve of the tooth are detached and is cleaned and sealed off. If this treatment is not taken then the tooth’s infection will increase and would result in formation of abscesses.

What you can expect in the Root Canal Treatment procedure?

Root Canal Treatment has three steps which must be followed and it can be done in a days’ time to three sessions as well.

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  1. First step is to clean the root canal. In this the dentist will first give local anaesthesia so that you don’t feel pain, then everything that is damaged inside the root canal is removed. He will make a hole in the tooth to access the inside nerve and pulp and, then will remove the lifeless and damaged flesh tissue using small tools.
  2. Second step is to fill the root canal now. In this step, the doctor will clean, disinfect and shapes the hollow space by utilising specialised tools and irrigation solutions. Now the tooth will be filled with a material which is rubber –like and then the surface is completely sealed of using cement like adhesive. After this bishan dental clinic the tooth has no nerves or tissues due to which it will lose any sensation or feeling associated to it. The infection is now eliminated as the tooth is dead.
  3. Last but not the least, third step is to add crown to the tooth. Your tooth is now more delicate in comparison to before. A crown is added to the tooth to stop it from getting brittle with time and usage. Until the crown is set the patient should not use the tooth to do any activity, be it biting or chewing. Once the crown is set you can use the tooth as before.

When you plan to get your Bishan Dental Clinic done, look out for good endodontic around you so that you can get the best treatment. If still in doubt see the reviews and talk to people who have gotten it done and finalise a date to visit him. Endodontic treatment if the procedure is done by an experienced professional and after care of the teeth is good you’re your treatment can last for ages, most likely lifespan.